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Need assistance on HUS 130 DP pools creation.

Question asked by Ramesh Sundaram on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2014 by Inzi Jas

Hi Folks,


We couldn't create DP Pools. It's new storage. Earlier we created 4 DP pools then we wanted to delete DP pools & recreate again with different approach. So we deleted existing DP pools then we tried to recreate DP pools but couldn't. We are getting the below message


"DMEG340101: You cannot create a DP pool because are not available. Please confirm the drives and try again."


We have checked that no hardware issues. All drives status are mounted. In fact we rebooted & powered off & on but still same issue.


It would be great if you can help me out on this issue.


Kamalarajan SProduction Administrator