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command director deinstall moving very slow

Question asked by Anthony Sayre on Oct 9, 2014

A customer of mine is working on an upgrade of command suite from 7.6 to 8. Note: All components like tuning mgr, and tiered storage manager etc.... are at 7.6 except for command director which is at 7.0.

In any case, one of the early steps is to deinstall command director license server. We initiated this step yesterday and the Folders step was taking a very long time. Looking through the folders it is deinstalling, we think the culprit could be the command director data collector folder which appears to have several million csv files in it. So we decided to try mass deleting the csv's which looks like its going to take several days. My question is: Are we on the right track? Or could we get to the end of the mass-delete and find we have not solved the issue?


Also, were thinking the data collector folder is so big because HCMD was activated 3+ years ago and then not touched very much after that. But now there is more interest in using HCMD for things like charge back/show back. How can we avoid the data collector folder from filling up so badly in the future?


If anyone has experienced this before I'd love any feedback thank you!