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SNM2 not showing disk capacity correctly?

Question asked by Marcos Archilla on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by Marcos Archilla

I have HUS110 with 72 - 600GB SAS drives.  This is a brand new array and nothing has been configured on it yet.  The RAW Capacity in SNM2 is showing 37.6TB.  I have already taken into account that 1 k byte =1,024 bytes in my calculations etc.  According to my calculations I should be seeing at least over 40TB.  The only way I came close to 37.6TB was at 520GB per disk x 72.  I did open a ticket with support and the technician found the same thing on his setup.  He will be checking with the engineers to see how they calculate raw capacity.  It could be a bug in SNM2.  I did upgrade to the latest version 27.77 of SNM2 but it is still showing the same information.  Let me know if anyone else has come up with how this was calculated otherwise I will let you know what support comes back with.