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HUS 130 with Shelves

Question asked by Inzi Jas on Oct 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2014 by Inzi Jas

Dear Team,


Successfully implemented HUS130, Now as per client request have added disk shelve with 12Nos of NLSAS 3.5 with the size of 2TB each.


My concern is already HUS130 having 24 disks with SSD& SAS drives mentioned below:


5   - SSD's with Raid5, 3D+1P+1 hot spare

19 - SAS 600g drives Unallocated but 1 hot spare assigned


Now the new disk shelve having below disk configurations:


12 - NLSAS 3.5" with the size of 2TB each. --- In this case do i need to reserve one more hot spare? or existing SAS hotspare enough to keep?


Please help me to understand,


Many Thanks,