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Tuning Manager setup for Moduler Array HUS 150

Question asked by Fazil Saiyed on Sep 26, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by Fazil Saiyed

I have a fully configured server with following software already running on it


Tuning Manager

Replication Manager

Device manager


This server Tuning manager talks to three production arrays ( USPVM & VSP/HUS)

we have just bought HUS150 and i need to configure Tuning manager to talk to it, i have presented the lun and the lun is seen by this server and its set as cmd device but i am unable to recognize it via Tuning manager, i am thinking since its Moduler array hus150 it need to have access to SNM2.

Does any one know or have procedure to configure TM from server A to talk to SNM2 on Server B.

I did not want to install SNM2 on the same server as my HICMD Suite is at as it configures common components and i

did not want to take a chance something going wrong.

Can the SERVERA  (where TM is installed ) talk to SNM2 on SERVER B and continue to work with all the monitored array for which its currently configured for.

What is the best way to do this.