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Analytics storage system status is showing No cooperating agent.

Question asked by Saver Ur on Sep 23, 2014

We deployed HiCommand 8.0 suite on a VM (managed by VMWare vCenter) and applied Tuning Manager license.


I performed the following steps on one of the host connected to the array.

     1. Created a command device and exported to the host which is connected to the storage system.

     2. Installed Device Manager & RAID Agent on this host which is connected to the storage system & pointed to the VM (where Device Manager server is running)

Still i am not seeing the performance data on the Tuning Manager UI instead i am seeing the following error:

"There is no cooperating agent. Refresh the storage systems after confirming that Tuning Manager is monitoring the storage systems."

First of all is this a valid installation?

Kindly let me know if i am missing any configuration here.

Appreciates your quick help.