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pair management questions

Question asked by Saver Ur on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by Andrew Hall

I am using HiCommand CLI to create pairs and few questions to clarify:


1. Is it possible to create multiple pair management servers? If yes, how to choose the pair management server when creating a pair? 

2. Is replicationGroup same as consistencyGroup? If yes, can we perform split pairs at replicationGroup level?

3. How many pair's can we manage using single pair management server?

4. We have a requirement where we want to create a pair for P-Vol without adding LUN Path to S-Vol. Currently the CLI is not allowing? Is there a reason for not allowing this?

     The reason why i am asking this is, we don't want to add LUN path for S-Vol immediately?

5. I could see that there are too many reaplication groups under a single configFile, What are the best way to manage replication groups? or is it per host?


I had too many questions and hope not bothering with silly questions.

Thanks in advance.