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Performance issue in VSP

Question asked by Rakesh Ponnada on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by Dang Luong

Few days ago, We have allocated three new volumes sized 1.5 TB,1,5TB, 2TB respectively to one of the SQL server from a DP Pool(HDT Enabled).Now the application team is complianing as they see some latency in read/write operations in the DB. Well, these three volumes are just 1% utilised in the pool.


Below is the Pool configuration

Tier 1 - SSD (Raid 6 - 6D+2P)

Tier 2 - SAS 10,000 RPM (RAID 6) - Both (6D+2P) & (14D+2P)

Tier 3 - SAS 7,200 RPM (RAID 6) - Both (6D+2P) & (14D+2P)


Few other V-VOLs  allocated from the same pool are having poor application performance (Response time). Is that because we have both 6D+2P & 14D+2P configuration in the same tier??? Any help please???