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Replication pool creation failure

Question asked by Saver Ur on Aug 25, 2014
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I am trying to create a Storage Pool using Replication Manager and it failed with below error message.

Any quick help on this?



An attempt to perform journal pool processing has failed.


An attempt to call the Device Manager server function has failed. (Device Manager server's error code = KAIC06400, Device Manager server's error message = An error occurred during storage system processing. (error code 1 = "3005", error code 2 = "58471", meaning = "The shared memory for the V-VOL management area is insufficient.") If the configuration was changed, refresh the storage system information. If you do not have the permissions required to refresh the information, ask the storage system administrator to do it for you.)[RPM-01004]


I know it says "The shared memory for the V-VOL management area is insufficient". But how do i increase the shared memory? Are there any documents or steps to solve this issue?


Thank you.