Mark Bixler

Tuning Manager Not Displaying All Storage Systems

Discussion created by Mark Bixler on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by Mark Bixler

Looking for anyone that may have some ideas for me. Tuning Manager is only showing 5 of 12 arrays we have in our environment. The interesting thing is, the Agents are setup properly. I have created the instances the same for all 12. The analytics tab in HiCommand shows is getting data and reporting all arrays fine. In Performance Reporter all the agents are there, responding and setup with command devices to the proper volume ID's, so I know the agents are working, I just can't figure out why Tuning manager won't show them. Even in the polling settings in tuning manager all the agents are there. It's almost as if there is some sort of avoid file that won't allow them to be displayed. I verified the license for HTnM is Valid and no expiration for the frames now showing.


Any thoughts out there?