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shared memory on VSP

Question asked by Bruce Kirkland on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2014 by Gogul Natarajan

One of team got the following using HDS Device Manager to create some hdev's in an HDT pool:

An error occurred during storage system processing. (error code 1 = "3205", error code 2 = "58474", meaning = "The specified operation cannot be performed because there is not enough memory  available on the shared memory for the V-VOL management area.") If the configuration was changed, refresh the storage system information. If you do not have the permissions required to refresh the information, ask the storage system administrator to do it for you. (KAIC06400-E)

I'm able to create the ldev's with raidcom so I'm not clear if his is a VSP issue or a Device manager issue. But it does bring up the question of "how to I monitor and manage shared memory".