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question about the DP Pool utilization and Application

Question asked by Kyuho Ahn on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by Raghu P



  We have VSP. I have a quesition of DP Pool utilization and Application in a host. We created a DP Pool and used the pool for an Application. The Pool disk utilization has been growing to almost 90% full now and if I check the disk space usage on the Application in a host, it only used 25% in the application level. And here is the question, there is enough free disk space as I can see in the application level, I think the Pool disk utilization will not growing but some reason I still see that it has beeing growing disk utilization in the pool. So even though there was enough free disk space in the application level, the pool disk utilization was growing from 80% to 90%. Could you answer the question?


What I worried was if the DP Pool utilization reached to 100%. If it reached 100%, what will be happened?


Thanks in advance.