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Release Notes for HCP v7: OpenSSL Heartbleed resolved

Question asked by Serge Schepers on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2014 by Ab de Kwant

Hi to all


I learned from HCP v7's release notes that the Heartbleed issue with OpenSSL has been resolved in this version.


One of our customers is using HCP v6.1.0.113; when we learned about the Heartbleed issue we asked HDS whether this system was impacted and the answer was 'NO'. Now we see that v7 release notes talk about resolving this OpenSSL bug. This off course raises doubt about whether the entire v6 stack was susceptible to the vulnerability. We need to make absolutely sure whether or not  HCP v6.1.0.113 is impacted by Heartbleed.


Can anyone state whether OpenSSL Heartbleed concerns the entire HCP v6 stack or not?