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TnM agent for RAID inactive

Question asked by Anton Kolupayev on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by Anton Kolupayev


Trying to setup agent for RAID to get perf. info from AMS 2500.

HCS version 7.6.1.-02

Tuning manager and agent are same 7.6.1 version

Added local hostname to hosts file


1) HCS host Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise without any SP.

2) Tuning manager installed on the same host.

3) registered AMS with IP address and not secured port. (with blank user ID and pass and with standart credentials all the same)

4) stop all services/start all services.

5) status shows that Agent Collector is inactive. Can't see agent in Tuning Manager Data Polling.

     can see agents in Performance monitor,can get preferences only from Agent Store.

     can't get perf info,cause Agent Collector unavailable.


Attached ini file of agent. Msglog will be later. But there is no msgs about IP resolution.

According to logs agent stop itself normaly after can't get initraidinf from array and rc=1 of hpmr1_status

about 30 after startup.

Sorry for no log again, will post ASAP


Output of jpcctrl list "*" host="*"

root@jump-start # ./jpcctrl list "*" host="*"


Host Name      ServiceID          Service Name      PID      Port     Status

---------      ---------          -------------     -------- -------- --------

jump-start     PT1jump-start      Status Server     17405    22350    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP PN1001             Name Server       8264     22285    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP PM1001             Master Manager    5440     61663    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP PS1001             Master Store      6556     61667    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP PE1001             Correlator        8644     61670    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP PC5WIN-10LRKI2I5QP Trap Generator    3972     61672    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP PP1WIN-10LRKI2I5QP View Server       9040     61681    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP PH1WIN-10LRKI2I5QP Action Handler    8628     61705    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP 0S1WIN-10LRKI2I5QP Agent Store       452      61695    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP 0A1WIN-10LRKI2I5QP Agent Collector   5216     61697    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP DS1ams2[WIN-10LRKI2I5QP] Agent Store       8772     61723    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP DA1ams2[WIN-10LRKI2I5QP] Agent Collector                     Inactive

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP DS1ams3[WIN-10LRKI2I5QP] Agent Store                         Inactive

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP DA1ams3[WIN-10LRKI2I5QP] Agent Collector                     Inactive

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP DS1ams4[WIN-10LRKI2I5QP] Agent Store       8756     62315    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP DA1ams4[WIN-10LRKI2I5QP] Agent Collector                     Inactive

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP DS1ams_test[WIN-10LRKI2I5QP] Agent Store       8400     61712    Active

WIN-10LRKI2I5QP DA1ams_test[WIN-10LRKI2I5QP] Agent Collector                     Inactive

jump-start     PH1jump-start      Action Handler    17406    51338    Active

jump-start     DS1amd_test[jump-start] Agent Store       17412    51350    Active

jump-start     DS1ams[jump-start] Agent Store       17419    51372    Active

jump-start     DA1amd_test[jump-start] Agent Collector                     Inactive

jump-start     DA1ams[jump-start] Agent Collector                     Inactive

KAVE06003-I List processing of the service information terminated normally.