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RMI connection error while adding TagmaStore USP (HP XP 12000) array within HCS 8.0

Question asked by Vivek Agarwal on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by Fazil Saiyed

Mgmt Server-

Windows 2008 R2

HCS 8.0

Firewall is disabled on server and no anti-virus installed.

Nothing special in Windows Event logs

JRE version - build 1.6.0_45-b06

C:\Users\Administrator>netsh int ipv4 show dynamicport tcp

Protocol tcp Dynamic Port Range


Start Port      : 49152

Number of Ports : 16384


TagmaStore USP Storage-

Firewall is disabled on SVP.

SVP Version - 50-09-98-00/08

RMI Server 4.10

JRE version - (build 1.4.2-b28, mixed mode)

Can open Remote Web Console on SVP server successfully.


All connections are within same subnet and can ping or RDP to SVP also lab has not network related issues.



While adding TagmaStore USP (HP XP 12000) storage array within HCS 8.0, I am getting error message

"An RMI connection could not be established using the IP address Check the specified type and IP address, as well as the network status. (KAIC05601-E)"


Pls note that I can add VSP array successfully within same HCS 8.0.


Another point to note is, I can open TagmaStore USP (HP XP 12000) remote web console local to integrated SVP (Windows XP ) but not on HCS server. Remote Web Console is expecting Java version 1.4 which is not supported on Windows 2008 R2 systems.

I had searched lots of HDS or HP related forums and few folks have seen same issue but none of the queries got answered to resolution.


Any help pls!!!!!!!!!