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Is there documentation on operating system configuration and HUS 130 LUN settings?

Question asked by Scott Redmon on Jul 24, 2014

I have found HDS documentation about HBAs, versions of operating systems, and FC switches supported for the HUS 100 family


Our current process to add volumes to our servers:

1.  Zone HBAs

2. Install HDvM agent on server.

3. Create and allocate storage on HUS 130.

     a.  Editing the LUN Path the 1st time a volume is added to a new server..

4. Force LIP (loop initialization) on HBA.

5. Scan for LUNs on server if not found on server.

6. Set up LUN on server.



I would like to eliminate step 4 of forcing LIP if possible.  With our previous SAN vendor, the operating system would be able to use LUNs without step four.  Is there a setting within HCS or Navigator 2 that needs to be tweeked?