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Agent Collector for Switch fails to start with Error KAVE06003-I

Question asked by Karan Patani Employee on Jul 23, 2014
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We have an old Windows Server 2k3 with HTNM Switch Agent v7.6.0. The other server has BNA v11.1.0 installed which has SMI-A installed with it. So this rules out the external installation for SMI-Agent. So we installed a new server with Win Ser 2k12 and HTNM Switch Agent to v8.0. However, we are unable to start the Agent Collector service for the Brocade DCX switches. Have verified the firmware version for switches too i.e. 7.1.0. The error we receive while we start the Agent service is KAVE06003-I.


Kindly let me know if anyone have come across such issue and aware about it.