Greg Knieriemen

Hybrid Cloud on Steroids

Discussion created by Greg Knieriemen Employee on Jul 22, 2014

Among all of the awesome features of the Hitachi Content Platform, one of the most significant is the flexibility of the platform to migrate between public and private clouds while maintaining visibility, security and control of your data – COST EFFECTIVELY. Think of it as “Hybrid Cloud on Steroids”.


I’ve talked about this a great deal – in my conversations with large enterprises (and demonstrated in numerous surveys), they want to leverage the agility of public cloud services, but control of data and privacy are clear barriers to their adoption.


One option is to manually segment data types and leverage public cloud services for new applications or less sensitive data. The obvious problem with this approach is that it doesn’t scale and it can require significant incremental work for large organizations and may not even be a practical option for legacy applications. This is where an intelligent and automated hybrid cloud solution can provide a great deal of value up front.


With the Hitachi Content Platform, you can leverage meta data to determine the segmentation of data, then apply policies to automate the movement of the data based on that intelligence. This gives you the ability to get the right data in the right place at the right time based on policies you establish. Now you can automatically segment and govern data centrally while leveraging the agility of public and private cloud services. Also inherent in HCP is the ability to centrally encrypt your data for enhanced privacy before it reaches an external service. The best part, you maintain encryption key control from beginning to end.


Control of data is just one aspect of the challenge. The other is control of cost. In the era of Shadow IT, many organizations don’t really understand what data is outside of the data center and what the total actual costs are for maintaining that data. I’ve heard of many enterprises being stunned when they receive a bill for a service that was procured out of their purview or without the right level of analysis done to determine the potential workload related costs. The Hitachi Content Platform provides not only insight into the management of data resources, but also the ability to proactively manage both Opex and Capex.


Finally, as we’ve all seen in the tech media, public cloud storage costs are dropping regularly and the features of each public cloud are expanding rapidly. There is a clear demand for data mobility options that allow you to pick the right public cloud service at the right cost to fit your needs. The Hitachi Content Platform gives you this flexibility along with centralized visibility and control of the data and as a result control of costs.


The video below also demonstrates these advantages with a high level overview of the Hitachi Content Platform Hybrid Cloud strategy. Have a look and give us your feedback on the challenges you see in adopting a hybrid cloud strategy.