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CommVault Backup on Win 2012, HUS 130 & ZPR

Question asked by Sandeep Aggarwal on Jun 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by Sandeep Aggarwal

Hello Folks,


I need a quick help.


We have HUS130 (SATA Disks with RAID6 HDP) in our environment used for disk based backups using CommVault (CV) backup software on Windows 2012 platform. All the logical disks are added to disk library on CV server and used for backups.

Size of each logical disk size - 5TB and formatted as GPT in Windows 2012.

Almost 2 weeks back, some of the backup data (nearly 25TB) was deleted from CV backup disk library to reduce the Library utilization. However, it seems that the same is not reflected on Storage pool (HDP).

The Disk space consumption showing in the CV is in sync with the OS.

I know this is quite Normal behaviour but was assuming much better from Windows 2012 SCSI_UNMAP feature.


Storage Pool is showing 89% Utilized whereas CV/OS is showing only 54%.


There was some reclaimable storage showing in HUS130 console (performance --> DP Optimization) and when I tried to run DP Optimization with ZPR, it ran very slow (priority set was "Host Access"). For 2 days, there was no update in event logs. Hence, I cancelled the DP Optimization operation for all logical disks.


My Queries:


1) Which authorised Tool I can run on host to mark unused blocks as "Zero" so that Storage shows them in reclaimable column in console? Will "SDelete" help?

2) Is there any way I can speed up the DP Optimization and ZPR process? I know its SATA disks and low priority set by me but I do not want any issues in storage controller utilization as well as backup operations given it is a Modular storage.

3) When I allocate a new LUN to Windows 2012 and format it completely, will it show as 100% used in storage console for that Virtual DP volume. If that is the case, how come some disks are showing 100% used and some are not. It is really confusing.


Kindly advise.