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Error message when upgrading from HCS 7.4 to 8.0

Question asked by Daniel Brorsson on Jun 27, 2014
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Anyone seen this problem before?


2014/06/27 13:29:59 INFO  hinCmdExec                       Execute : "F:\HCS\HBASE\HBinst.exe" /I"C:\Program Files\HiCommand" /O /ppname HInst2 /hbase32filecopy >"C:\Users\XDABR1\AppData\Roaming\_hoE258.tmp" 2>"C:\Users\XDABR1\AppData\Roaming\_heE259.tmp"

2014/06/27 13:31:27 INFO  hinInPInstallHBase               command exit code [8]

2014/06/27 13:31:27 ERROR hinInPInstall        KAIB64120-E A Hitachi Command Suite Common Component error occurred.Detailed investigation is required to determine the cause and resolve the problem.Contact the support center, who may ask you to collect troubleshooting information.