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Raidcom get snapshot equivalent for Shadow image?

Question asked by Jason Tingle on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Jason Tingle

I was wondering if there is a command that will let me see the ShadowImage full clone pairings for a LDEV much like the raidcom get snapshot command does for thin clones?


[root@gislaborc01 ~]# raidcom get snapshot -ldev_id 0x0040 -IM100  -fx

SnapShot_name                    P/S   STAT  Serial# LDEV#  MU# P-LDEV#  PID    % MODE SPLT-TIME

-                                S-VOL SSUS    93149    40    5      25    1  100 ---- 53762323



I know I can see them with pairdisplay and give a group name from the horcm.conf, but I would really like to just be able to just query an LDEV and find out for my script.  I see the -d option for pairvolchk, etc, but when I try it doesn't seem to work as I expect.


[root@gislaborc01 ~]# pairvolchk -IM100 -ss -d 00:40

Could not find a mapping LDEV for this device(00:40) by the inquiry command.

pairvolchk: [EX_ENLDEV] No such LDEV within the RAID

Refer to the command log(/HORCM/log100/horcc_gislaborc01.log) for details.


Thanks for the help!