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What's the news? HDS Announces Integrated and Secure Mobility Solutions for Hybrid Cloud, Data and Workforce

Question asked by Adriana Scalora on Jun 24, 2014

What's the news?

The new release of HCP introduces adaptive cloud tiering, a feature that allows organizations to intelligently and automatically move data to and from a choice of leading public clouds from Google, Amazon and Microsoft based on changes in demand and policies set by the organization. This capability lets IT create a secure hybrid cloud that has the keys to true cloud mobility, complete with a balanced approach to security and cost. It does so by controlling what data is kept in-house and what is stored in the public cloud. With the added elements of HCP Anywhere and HDI, all user-oriented file sync and sharing can be delivered in the most user-friendly way possible to balance the security and governance requirements of IT. In addition, new capabilities synchronize data across multiple active sites for improved productivity, faster access, and streamlined business continuity.


What does this mean for TrueNorth Partners?

- Leverage a unique, integrated portfolio of solutions that addressees business and data needs from a single vendor

- Position yourself as an innovative cloud solutions provider.

- Expand your customer base by selling to users of major public cloud: AWS, Azure, Google cloud.

- Realize incremental opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell with an integrated portfolio of unique solutions.

- Turn customers’ concerns over cloud security into an opportunity.

- Enhance your margins by using Hitachi TrueNorth incentives and programs.


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