Nick Gable

"File & Content" Now Renamed to "Content Mobility"

Discussion created by Nick Gable on Jun 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2014 by Tony McGettigan

As you may or may not have noticed - this space was renamed from File & Content to Content Mobility. While reviewing this space and the content and discussions herein, we realized we were a bit too unfocused in the topics allowed. As such, we have realigned this space slightly and moved some of the content. In addition to changing the space name, we moved all conversations around Hitachi Network Attached Storage (HNAS) to the Storage Systems space. In the future, please direct all discussions around NAS and HNAS to the Storage Systems space.


We hope this change makes sense to you all. We are in the middle of evaluating the spaces in the Solution and Product Forums for further realignment, so if there's a space you'd like to see added (or removed!), then we welcome your thoughts and comments.