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paircreate for a snapshot gets EX_CMDRJE

Question asked by Bruce Kirkland on Jun 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2014 by Vinod Subramaniam

I have a 24 TB oracle database on and AIX server  that gets backed up via a CAW snapshot. The pol volumes for the CAW are virtualized AMS disk. I gave up doing pairresync due to long unpredictable wait times. I'm attempting to replace that with a pairsplit -S, followed by a paircreate.  The paircreate seems to fail at random with a EX_CMDRJE status. I started to do the paircreate one device at a time, I generate a list of  the devices still in SMPL and try them again. Sometimes this works, other times it fails even after 5 attempts. I'm about to open a case with HDS but I did notice in the horcm logs the following gets an error:  /usr/sbin/lsdev -C -c disk | /bin/grep hdisk  | /HORCM/usr/bin/raidscan -find inst. If I run this command manually I get

raidscan: The registration has been canceled due to enough for HORCM.

Any thoughts out there ?