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Tuning Manager on Linux / jpchosts file

Question asked by Blake Grover on May 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by Gabriel Avalos

I am having troubles installing tuning manager 8.0.0-01 on RedHat 6.5 but I have problems installing it.  It installs but has an error in the end and I am not sure what to do to fix it.  I have a call open with Hitachi Support, but it might take a little while to get it fixed.  I have uninstalled HCS, cleared the database tables, wiped the server clean, only installed Tuning Manager on the server, and all give me the same error upon installation.  It is inside step 3 when the error occurs.  There are left over files that are in /opt/ and I erase all files in the /opt folder before trying again but I can't get it to work.  I have tried to setup a jpchosts file at /opt/jp1pc/jpchosts and I copied the jpchosts.model file and inside it I put the ip address of the server and name, but then I get a different error telling me to add another item to the jpchosts file. 


jpchosts file:

# jpchosts : Host information file


# The form for each entry is :

# <hostname> <internet address1>, <internet address2>,..., <internet address16>


# For example:

# hostA,

# hostB

# hostBalias



On my windows server that already has Tuning Manager working there is nothing setup in the jpchosts file.  So I am not sure what needs to go in there, I put the ip address and server name for the server running Tuning Manager, I wasn't sure if I put the array's host names and ip addresses there.  Or if I just ignore this error and try to import data into Tuning Manger


Below is the installation output:


[root@husvm REDHAT]# ./



Start Tuning Manager server 8.0.0(8.0.0-01) Installation.

This setup program will install the following product:

    Tuning Manager server



Caution: We strongly recommended that you quit all programs before starting the setup program.

If the following types of programs are running, the setup program might fail:

- Security monitoring programs

- Virus detection programs

- Process monitoring programs



Do you wish to start the installation?

To continue, enter [Y]. (Default Y) Y/N >



KATN00335-W If a following product is used, it must be upgraded to version 8 or later:

- Device Manager

- Tiered Storage Manager

- Replication Manager

- Compute Systems Manager



Do you want to continue?



To continue, enter [Y]. (Default Y) Y/N >



WARNING: Kernel parameters must be adjusted before installing Tuning Manager server.

The values of kernel parameters differ depending on the installation type.

If the kernel parameters have not been adjusted, enter [N] to cancel installation.

If the kernel parameters have been adjusted, enter [Y] to continue installation.

Have the kernel parameters for Tuning Manager server been adjusted? (Default Y) Y/N >

Specify the installation directory.

The product will be installed in the following location:


Note 1: The following characters can be used: A-Z  a-z  0-9  _

Note 2: A path separator cannot be specified at the end of a path.

Note 3: Relative paths cannot be specified.

Note 4: The following directories cannot be specified: /opt, root directory(/)

(Default /opt/HiCommand)  >



Specify the directory for storing Tuning Manager server database files.

Note 1: At least 2.0 GB of free space is required.

Note 2: The following characters can be used: A-Z  a-z  0-9  /  .  _

(Default /var/opt/HiCommand/TuningManager/database) >



Enter the IP address or host name of the server that the client accesses from a web browser.

Note:If you specify an IPv6 IP address, enclose it in square brackets([ ]).




Enter the port number of the server that the client accesses from a web browser

(Default 22015) >



Which Device Manager does this Tuning Manager server connect with?

1. Local host

2. Remote host

Enter 1 or 2. (Default 1) > 1



Do you want the services of all Hitachi Command Suite products to start after installation finishes?

To continue, enter [Y]. (Default Y) Y/N > Y



Current Settings ----------------------------------

Tuning Manager server

    Installation Directory : /opt/HiCommand/TuningManager

    Data Area : /var/opt/HiCommand/TuningManager/database

Hitachi Command Suite Common Component

    Installation Directory : /opt/HiCommand/Base64

    Data Area : /var/opt/HiCommand/Base64/database/x64

Tuning Manager server Information

    IP address or host name :

    Port number : 22015

Device Manager Connection Settings

    Host : Local host

Start Services After Installation Finishes



Are the above settings correct? If so, please specify [Y] to continue the installation.

If not, please specify [N] to modify the settings. Y/N > Y



Now setting up Tuning Manager...

Now copying files...

Now installing internal components...(1/3)

Now installing internal components...(2/3)

Now installing internal components...(3/3)

KATN00229-E An attempt to install an internal component has failed.



Set the necessary host information in the jpchosts file. If you cannot resolve the problem, execute the hcmds64getlogs command to collect maintenance information, and then contact the Customer Support Center. If the hcmds64getlogs command does not exist or its execution results in an error, obtain the installation log and then contact the Customer Support Center.



Installation of Tuning Manager server was failed.

Done installing Tuning Manager server.

Let me know if you know if there is something I am not setting up in the install process or if I need to fix something in a config file.