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VSP + TrueCopy + CoW + CTG

Question asked by Tony Forrest on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 24, 2014 by Michelle Ann Hak



As the title suggests we have a primary VSP that is replicating synchronously via TrueCopy (TC) to a secondary VSP.

HORCM is used to administer and manage the replication process.

The TC replica pairs use consistency groups (CTG numbers 0 to 58).

So for <server_01> there are 8 LUNs replicating via TC using CTG 48.

On the secondary VSP I want to take Copy on Write (CoW) snapshots of the SVOLs of <server_01>.

I don't want to split the replication pairs before taking the snapshots.

I want the snapshots of the 8 LUNs to be "consistent" ie snapped at exactly the same time.

I therefore need to use a consistency group on the CoW pairing.


Question: Are the CTG numbers used for TC from the same group as those used for CoW - ie For CoW CTG should I be careful not to re-use CTGs already in use by TC pairs?

Question: Should I use the same CTG number for the CoW as used for the TC for <server_01> - ie CTG 48?


Many thanks for any help.