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oracle rac cluster data migration method using True Copy

Question asked by Mohd Azmir Abd Aziz on May 23, 2014
Latest reply on May 23, 2014 by Pablo Bucich

we have a application using oracle rac with oracle cluster configuration. so far we have an option to use either True Copy or Oracle base. We have use True copy so far for other system including oracle db and SQL but not on cluster environment. Oracle came up with the solution which is online migration however their method is move the data to new disk. There was some argument in terms of backup plan or fallback plan if something happen in the middle we can't use back the old disk because some data have been move to new disk. However for True Copy, we are confident that we can have a fallback plan in terms of data availability because we are not touch the old disk after we bring down the DB, however the risk is at cluster level. If we want to proceed with true copy, what are the steps need to have so that we can manage to bring up the db after split True Copy