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HUS User Accounts - SNM2

Question asked by Steve Wilde Employee on May 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 24, 2014 by Michelle Ann Hak



Recently I installed two HUS-130s and a single instance of SNM2 at a customer site.  After installing SNM2 we logged into it and created a local user account.  We then discovered the first HUS-130.  After discovery when we tried to manage the array we had to authenticate with the default root user.  We then had to create another HUS user that had more access than default one.  The new HUS-130 user that we created had the same username:password as the SNM2


When we discovered the second HUS-130 with the same SNM2 instance and tried to manage it we were never asked for any authentication for the initial login.


Does anybody know why the two new HUS-130 units would have different behavior?


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