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Replication Manage failure

Question asked by Gary Matthews on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by Gary Matthews

We have two datacentres DC1 & DC2 . We're replicating a VSP  solely from DC1 to DC2 using HCS/replication manager 7.6.1-00 with HUR . This is running on physical windows management boxes , one at each site. Reboots of the  management servers on the weekend has caused replication manager to fail.  The software starts but fails to read the pair configuration -

looking at the pair configurations for each HORCM file shows a status of invalid - a valid copy pair configuration file that can be associated with this configuration file is not foud



Delving deeper, it looks like the windows DISK IDs of the command devices has changed, none match the UIDS in the replication manager created HORCM files . Would this cause the problem? Any ideas on how to fix this easily? We've about 60 HORCM files at each site so hopefully its not a manual hack of each file with the new UIDs :-)