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Hus and hard drive

Question asked by antonio antonio on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by Francisco Reyes

Hi everyone. I'm trying to wrack my brain in order to understand how the HUS HITACHI works.

Given scenario:

- 2 hosts (servers including hard drives, RAM..etc)


My understanding is:

- hosts provide their computing power (through CPU and RAM only)

- HUS works as a storage system (it acts like a partitioned hard drive connected to the host through fiber links, HBA ..etc)

This involves getting rid of hard drives (previously used by the hosts).

If what stated above is correct, I can't see why a guy from HITACHI just installed VMWARE VSphere on one Hard drive which is inside one of the hosts.


Does the HUS implies getting rd of previous hard drives since it relies on another type of storage?


Thanks a lot. Any help will be highly appreciated.