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The Agent Collector of instance for AMS500 can't to active on the Agent for RAID v7.6.1

Question asked by Neo Lin on May 4, 2014
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I have a Device/Tuning server, the AMS2000 model could collect data of performance data, but AMS model can't collect any data of performance.

And then I find the Agent Collector of instance for DA1AMS500_75040548 can't to active(refer to as below figure), So my question how to resolve this issue ?


Agent Collector AMS500.jpg

PS: About Agent Collector service log file, please refer to attached file.(msglog01)


About my system environment, as below:

a. Storage: AMS2300(08C3/M-M), AMS500(0789/J-M)

b. OS: Windows 2012 x64 Datacenter

b. Software: HCS Ver. 7.6.1 (Device/Tuning Manager)

c. Host: Dell PowerEdge 2950 (Window 2012 Hyper-V)


If need any further information, please  feel free let me know. Thanks.