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RHEL6 DM multipath.conf for older HDS arrays (AMS/WMS, 9500V)

Question asked by David Kosmac Employee on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2015 by Michael Ratner



I am wondering if anyone tried configuring RHEL6 (or OEL6) to use LUNs on a legacy HDS array (AMS, 9500V etc).


From what I have gathered, the path priority assignment function was changed (prio_callout in RHEL5 vs. prio in RHEL6). Setting prio hds seems to recognise the array as an AMS2000 and uses all available paths for active I/O. So, the older (dual active/passive) arrays seem to be unsupported in the new DM, which is kind of logical due to the age of those arrays.


  1. Does anybody have a working multipath.conf for AMS on RHEL6?
  2. Is it possible to manually set path priorities in DM on RHEL6? (It was possible in RHEL5 by creating a custom prio_callout ... )


Thanks in advance,