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Space Reclamation under W2K8 R2 and HUS

Question asked by Anthony Girard Employee on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by Anthony Girard

Dear Community,


we're facing a new problem... Our organization is refreshing its Exchange Farm from W2K3 / Exchange 2007 on direct attached AMS 2x00 to W2K8 R2 / Exchange 2013 on direct attached HUS 150 (3TB SATA Drive / Thin Provisioning / HAPro).


The problem we currently have is the space reclamation part. W2K8 doesn't provide UNMAP SCSI command and the SDelete stuff is filling our entire LUNs with 0, not really a good point in a storage array where we have 1000% over subscription ...


Does someone already have the same issue and was able to solve it properly ? means, using a way to use the UNMAP commands ?

Is there any best practices regarding space reclamation on midrange arrays with W2K8 (or W2K3).


PS: W2K12 would solved our issue, but is not released from our side .