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HCS is not working after upgrade SNM2

Question asked by saravanan sampath on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by Michael Ratner

we have upgraded SNM2 software in our management servers. Before upgrading we have stopped all the Hitachi Command suite services manually. Now after SNM2 software up gradation we are unable to refresh Enterprise Storage arrays (USP-V & VSP)and perform activities  through HCS. We are able to perform all activities and refresh AMS and HUS storage arrays  but not Enterprise storage arrays. Please find the below error message.


Error Message:


Failed   An RMI connection could not be established using the IP address Check the specified type and IP address, as well as the network status. (KAIC05601-E)

message :  Cannot retrieve storage system data. (collected = 0, failed = 1 skipped = 0) (KAIC63501-E)