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Brocade Network Advisor & SNMP

Question asked by Fazil Saiyed on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2014 by Fazil Saiyed

Its bit off topic for this forum but we HDS is connected to SAN and monitoring SAN is just as important and since i am getting no where to get alerts with BNA i thought i would post here.

I have Brocade Network Advisor installed and configured on Windows 2003 but i am failing to get any alerts from the switches after several alerts have been configured.

So far i have done the follwoing

1. Verified server SNMP service where BNA is installed is accepting snmp from any host , service is up ( both snmp & snmp trap listener),

2. Verified that server is listening to SNMP Traffic from any host via

netstat -na|findstr 161

netstat -aon


UDP             *:*                                    5060
UDP            *:*                                    1904

Server firewall has port 161 n 162 exception and its also off.

On the switch:

SNMPv3 USM configuration:  ( other form of snmpv3 and snmpv1 config has been tried, currently set to no authrizition needed)
User 1 (rw): snmpadmin1
        Auth Protocol: MD5
        Priv Protocol: noPriv
        Engine ID: 80:00:06:34:03:00:50:56:91:00:56

& SNMP Trap config has valid server ip and port 162 listed.

Event alerts are configured to monitor events on BNA

One port is offline delibratly

No events received so far

i tried using paessler snmp tester V 5.1.2 and althouht i can do Read device uptime it gets an error when reading snmp walk

Note: i have not supplied any MIB or Walk string ( leaving it empty meaning check all)

got an error -2007/-2003


SNMP MIBWALK is funtional from the server and ports are listening, alerts have been configured for tras , offline ports and other default alerts.

for some reason BNA is sending no alerts, although alerts themself are working sicne i receive several server related alerts from BNA , so there is no issue with email setup for alerts, i am not even seeying port offline or ther events in the log of BNA.

Brocade switches are setup for snmp alerting & access list etc have been configured.

If someone has privous experiance setting up BNA to monitor san  & has working document i would appricate it.