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Problem with Virtual MS 2012 Cluster and RDM on AMS2300 and  Persistent Reservations

Question asked by Marco Bakker on Mar 6, 2014
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With a customer we are trying to build a Microsoft 2012 cluster for a new MS SQL environment. The VM's are running on ESX 5.5 and the storage they use is an AMS2300 with a fibre channel SAN. They are using RDM's which are physical connected to the VM. The RDM (LUN) is placed in the VMware host group on the storage.


When they start the "Microsoft Cluster Validation tool" to check the configuration they get an error message "Cluster Disk 0 does not support persistent reservations."


We have checked the host group configuration and everything looks fine. Does anybody know if we have to set a special host group option? Or is it not supported on a AMS2x00 to use RDM for a MS W2k12 cluster? Does a AMS2x00 support SCSI-3 compliant commands?


The problem we have is the same like this VMware KB article: VMware KB: Configuring Microsoft Cluster Service fails with the error: Validate SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation


I hope someone can help us!


Thank you for your time!