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HDIM: Feed back for use in backing up workstations.

Question asked by Paul Laskowski on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by Jim Anderson

I'm curious how well HDIM works in the scenario for backing up desktop or notebook computers in an office site. Especially in terms of mobile computers that are always leaving the network and returning with altered data. Specifically, is there a way to use backup these computers with continuous backups? Would errors be thrown, or complications arise from backed up mobile computers leaving and return to the network? I know that this is really server centric backup software, but in the past I remember the Cofio folks touting it for use in backing up user's computers. Any thoughts or ideas appreciated. I'll give "helpful post" points to anyone who has actually used HDIM in this capacity.


I can see lots of pluses if this would work well, what with deduplication across computer backups and using file type filters to decrease backup sizes in comparison to other centralized backup solutions (for instance, I currently use Retrospect in this capacity).