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HDS 9585/9580 Deleting LDEV/Parity Groups

Question asked by Fazil Saiyed on Mar 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by Roberson Cardozo

I need to delete all parity groups and create new LDEV so to do Drive Shredding.

I have no guide on 9580 or any documents and the funtion to delete exisinting LUSE or combined LU is not very well defined

I need help with

1. how to delete exising logical units and combine them to create one large lu

2. what does it mean by Invalidate \Seperate last from Unified lu ( i guess its the process of seperating luse ?)

3. Unify Lu ( what is the process, i guess i need to create one large lu per parity to clean up)

I am using SN Moduler.

Can someone send me a guide and or process to free up parity group and then combine each prrity into one large lun each ( luse or otherwise) so that they can be overwritten.

Note: the array is being prepared for decom