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LUSE volume creation without formatting LDEV

Question asked by Saver Ur on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by Kamalarajan S

Hi All,


We would like to automate the LUN expansion so, i would like to clarify following questions:


1. Is is it possible to create  a LUSE volume wihout formatting LDEV's using HiCommand CLI? LDEV iformatting is taking more time and would like to format after creating LUSE volume.

2. Is there minimum requirement to create LUSE Volume? I mean only after certain size of basic volume (Ex. 1TB), we should create LUSE volume?

The reason for asking this question is, HiCommand UI allows us to expand a volume of small size and doesn't put any restriction.

3. HiCommand UI restricts LUSE volume creation for unallocated volumes whereas CLI doesn't. is there a reason for this?