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Unix Devices decomision procedure

Question asked by Fazil Saiyed on Jan 29, 2014

Guys, does any one have documented Unix devices decomision procedures from Solaris ( 8-11) and Linux ser.vers.
Assume Storage is either HDS, EMC or other enterprice array.
Multipath is enabled
Possible implementation could be Veritas Cluster, ASM , STM, ZFS , UFS etc.

Do you reboot servers after decom, what to watch out for ? I know i have requested steps for different senarios but basic decom steps should be common between some of this file systems.

Its assumed that zoning with be removed at the end of decom and devices deleted.

I just want to see if how different people are implementing Decom vs what i may do it, so its good to compare notes, even if you are familier with it.

If you can illustrate cmds, procedures and steps it would really help.

I think it would be good for newcomers and folks just getting into storage.

If there is already  documented steps for this type of activity at this site, please just point me to it.