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Which Host mode options should be set in HCS or in Hitachi Storage Navigator for different server types ? Any standard documents or recommendations ?

Question asked by Prakhar Rastogi on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2013 by Kamalarajan S


Say we put host mode options as :-


  1. Windows Extension for Windows servers
  2. AIX for AIX
  3. Standard for Linux
  4. VMware Extension for VMware (in fact never heard any of the admins requesting to use the “Extension”-part, but we have chosen this historically)
  5. HP-UX-for HP-UX
  6. Solaris for Solaris


Also, which  host mode options should be checked say :


Check/tick V-Vol expansion for all Windows-servers, Linux servers and ESXes.


Which options Hitachi recommends to set for different server types.

Kindly share knowledge.

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Prakhar Rastogi