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facing an issue while releasing paths from ports.

Question asked by Narasimha Kurapati on Dec 9, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by Pablo Bucich

Here is complete picture:

There are more paths given to one of the AIX VIO and are 8 paths, normally it should be 4.

So i have checked alternative paths and found same lun has been given to another ports HG1(Odd numbered) where as the LDEV is 00:25:08 and it is even numbered (HG2).

when i am trying to release those extra paths from server from HG1, i got the below error. Hope you guys got it.

error during unmap in SN.PNG.png

Help would be appreciated.


PS: It is true copied lun, and the same lun has been mapped to 2 LPARS(4 VIOs).

But i dont think it is causing the issue.

It is only giving when i am trying to release paths from specific ports CL1,2,3,4-G and these are not even numbered.

but not faced any issue from CL1,2,3,4-A and CL1,3-F.

Help me please.