Daniel Jones

The Paradox of Public Cloud versus Private DaCloud

Discussion created by Daniel Jones on Dec 3, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2014 by Carlos Vargas

I have had many conversations with many customers over the past year regarding Private vs Public Cloud. I always end up with the same answers.

"we prefer to have a "hybrid", personal and confidentialinformation in House and none personal information in the public cloud.


If you think that your personal information in house is private you are mistaken. For example in Canada recently the Canadian Healthcare release 100,000 plus person files to the public Internet. This exposed 100,000 patient records to the world (if any cared to look). We all thought that the Government kepted everything private and secure. We were wrong! Now had that information been on an HDS Secure Public Cloud there may not have been the same result. 

The benefits of the HDS Public Cloud out way any other competitor in the market place.

what do you think