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HDvM ldev labels

Question asked by Bruce Kirkland on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by Nathan Kippen

Our Storage Management group has been using HDvM (aka, device manager, HCS) for a couple years now. The ldev label feature is very popular here. To state the obvious it’s very helpful as a hook to search for. We use the labels extensively during migrations. Also for adding metadata about a device, like the application the ldev is used for, the VMware datastore name,the current use such as HUR_JOURNAL, DP_VOLUME.

There has been enough diversity in the application of these labels that I’m attempting to document a standard. I would like to start with
some guiding principles. I’m thinking along the lines of a list of rules that starting from the top filter down the use of label until you have a hit. 


“For temporary use, no rules  apply. Just be sure to inform the team of your intentions.”

     “There is no need to add information that is readilyavailable already. A hostname in the label adds no information about an ldev that
is assigned to  that host. ”


If you have any such rules or  you have an ldev labeling policy I would be interested in anything you would like to share.