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Hitachi Command Suite 7.6.0-00 Bug - Edit Lun paths

Question asked by Nathan Kippen on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by Nathan Kippen

Background:  When pulling disk from a server I do it one path at a time.


We upgraded to 7.6.0-00 recently, and discovered that when editing lun paths to remove a path, regardless of which LUNs are chosen, the WWN of the server's HBA on the desired path to be removed is deleted from the host group.


Desired outcome: Remove a LUN from a host group for one path and leaving the LUN allocating to a 2nd path for the same server.


Results:  LUNs are not removed from any host group.  WWN from one path is removed.  2nd host group is left untouched.  This causes my server to be completely single pathed.


Does anybody know if there has been any patches releases to fix this?  Has anybody experienced this?