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Rewind commands being issued by rebooted Linux hosts

Question asked by Wagner Vmar on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by Nick Gable

Dear friends,


We have a brand new Hitachi VSP here. So, we put connect to him a lot of new HP servers running Linux Red Hat. Each of this servers have 5 quantum robot tape-drives zoned. Commvault is our bkp software.


So, i'm googling over the Internet searching for best pratices to our environment. How to improve things, etc. I found a HP document which talks about "Rewind commands being issued by rebooted Linux hosts".


Text is: "Device discovery that occurs as part of a normal Linux server boot operation can cause a SCSI rewind command to be issued to all attached tape drives if the backup application does not employ SCSI Reserve and Release and the rewind command is received while the tape drive is busy writing. The result is a corrupted tape header and an unusable piece of backup media. "


So, if we have a reboot, we can also have a undesireable rewind and a corrupted bkp.


Anyone here ever experienced something like this? It's a real risk? This "SCSI reserve and release" is a usual feature for bkp softwares?


Comments are welcome. Thanks.