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HCP & HCP Anywhere Presentation in Prezi

Discussion created by Tim Verbist on Oct 28, 2013
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I had to speak at a customer's event last week and I wanted to position our file & content portfolio without bringing a "speeds & feats" presentation to the fight.


Ron's "HCP & Sharepoint screencast" (HCP & Sharepoint Whiteboarding) that I also shared over here some time ago, was an inspiration and eventually led to the Prezi I am willing to share with you.


My story highlights two use-cases for HCP that are related to HCP: Sharepoint and HCP Anywhere, but it also briefly touches on other use-cases like HNAS offload, HDI, HCR.



Do note that it is a "story" so the slides (do we call it that in Prezi?) are not really filled with text ;-).


Anyway: I wanted to share because 1) feedback is always a great way to improve and 2) perhaps other can reuse my idea to help spread the word out there!



Collaboration: An Hitachi Content Platform Story by Tim Verbist on Prezi



Thanks for caring ;-).