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tuning manager usage on SVC

Question asked by Bruce Kirkland on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2013 by Michael Rowley

We have a backup tool called Actifio which is an app that
runs on an IBM SVC cluster.  The disk is all HDS mapped to the SVC as if
it were a host cluster.  Actifio has hooks into VMware to help out with
snapshots and the like.



We are looking at moving to a different scenario where some AIX servers would have the database disk mapped to SVC then to the AIX server via SVC – this gives us the backup hooks we need for Actifio to do snapshot type backups.



All that to get to, is there any kind of Tuning manager
agent that could tell us anything about SVC performance? I’m thinking probably
not but maybe there is a SNIA /SMI-S hook that could be explored?



Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks