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Load balance: AIX x VSP disks

Question asked by Wagner Vmar on Oct 15, 2013
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Dear friends,


I have a AIX server running VSP disks now. We are EMC users before.


So we dumped Powerpath and now we are using native AIX MPIO. We have Hitachi support for MPIO installed. Our disks are ok, mapped for our two HBA's like bellow:


Enabled hdisk400 fscsi2

Enabled hdisk401 fscsi2

Enabled hdisk402 fscsi2

Enabled hdisk403 fscsi2


Enabled hdisk400 fscsi1

Enabled hdisk401 fscsi1

Enabled hdisk402 fscsi1

Enabled hdisk403 fscsi1


FAILOVER ok, but LOAD BALANCE appears to be not configured. See "iostat":


ssaturno:/>iostat -a |grep fcs

fcs1                     6071.4     259.1   387802311  132862434

fcs2                       0.0       0.0          0         0


All traffic goes over FCS1 and FCS2 remains free.


What i need to change to our disk traffic go to FCS2 also?


Thanks for any answer.