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VSP Error Codes

Question asked by Ignes Ingram on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by Narasimha Kurapati
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I received the below error codes relating to external storage (DS4700) behind the VSP.

The connections go via a switch.


RefCode : 21d24d

RefCode : 21d255

RefCode : 21d20d

RefCode : 21d215


All relating to the same detail below:
Detail : Threshold over by external storage system connection path response time-out




Then this one:

RefCode : 21d04d
Detail : External storage system connection path blocking


I don't see any errors on the switch.


The external path has timeout values set as follow:

I/O Timeout     15 sec

Path Blockade Watch     10 sec


The only current error on the DS4700 is a disk failure which has iniated a hot spare.


Should I be concerned about this as the current path group show up as Warning?

What is the recommended timeout values?